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Key Takeaways Joint pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life by limiting your ability to engage in daily activities, reducing your motivation, and negatively affecting your mental health. If joint pain does not go away through other more minimally invasive interventions, joint replacement surgery may be the best option for relief. […]

Executive Summary Outpatient surgery is a type of surgery where patients can bypass the hospital entirely, instead receiving their procedure at an ambulatory surgical center. Outpatient surgery is becoming a more popular option for many procedures, with joint replacement surgery being one of the most common. Benefits of outpatient surgery include easier scheduling, more cost-effective […]

Executive Summary When searching for the right joint replacement surgeon, it’s important to consider their level of experience, certification, and track record of success.   Consider what surgical methods or technologies a surgeon uses, like whether or not they use robotic technology or a minimally invasive approach.  Other important qualities to look for in a surgeon […]

Executive Summary Being proactive in preparing for your joint replacement surgery will ensure you have the support necessary to make the recovery process more manageable. Preparing for joint replacement surgery will boost your morale and give you the resources to navigate the potential challenges of the process. As you prepare for surgery, follow the advice […]