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Self-Pay Pricing

For patients and employers who want to pay directly for their orthopedic care.

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SCRS offers transparent bundled payment options for patients and employers seeking to pay directly for their orthopedic care outside of an in-network insurance plan. Our transparent bundles are perfect for: patients without insurance (self-pay), self-insured employers, patients with insurance but are out-of-network, patients with high-deductible plans, international patients, members of faith-based sharing ministries.

By purchasing a self-pay medical package, you acknowledge and agree that the services included in this package are not eligible for submission to insurance providers for reimbursement. This self-pay option is designed for individuals who wish to directly pay for their medical services without involving insurance claims. It is your responsibility to inquire about insurance coverage, and we recommend consulting with your insurance provider if you have any questions regarding reimbursement eligibility.

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