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Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Orthopedic sports medicine provides comprehensive treatment for sports and exercise-related injuries to facilitate the smoothest possible return to activity. At the Scottsdale Center for Robotic Surgery (SCRS), our expert team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons and specialists, under the direction of Dr. Shane Martin, provides you with the advanced care needed to address your injury and get you back to your favorite sport or activity.

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Sports medicine isn’t just for professional athletes—anyone who enjoys exercise and engages in physical activity can benefit from orthopedic sports medicine treatment if they are experiencing pain. Whether you’re dealing with a muscle injury, a sprain, or joint pain, it provides a targeted approach to reduce pain, improve mobility, facilitate a quick return to your routine, and improve post-injury performance.

At SCRS, we offer advanced treatment methods for sports and exercise-related injuries, developing a personalized treatment plan for each patient to diagnose the issue and determine the best path forward. We combine our use of cutting-edge technology with compassionate care to provide the best possible outcome for each of our patients while fostering an environment of faith, hope, and healing.

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When Is Sports Medicine Needed?

Most sports medicine treatments occur in response to acute pain, or pain that occurs suddenly due to an injury during an activity. You should seek treatment for acute injuries as soon as possible to minimize the risk of long-term issues. However, cases of acute pain aren’t the only ones that can benefit from treatment.

Other reasons you may need treatment include:

  • Chronic pain Chronic pain lasts more than three to six months and doesn’t go away on its own, affecting your sports performance and daily activities. Sports medicine surgery can address the underlying causes to provide relief to anyone experiencing chronic pain.
  • Past injuries – Past injuries may pop back up if they weren’t properly treated initially. Sports medicine can provide the tools and treatment for a smoother recovery if you have a past injury that hasn’t healed.
  • Degenerative conditions – Degenerative conditions often occur due to age or repeated damage to a given muscle or tissue. These conditions can affect sports performance and become a source of chronic pain.

Orthopedic sports medicine can be helpful for athletes and non-athletes alike. Anyone experiencing joint pain, a sprain, a muscle injury, or a strain that impacts their ability to participate in their favorite activities should seek care.

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How Are Sports Injuries Treated?

Sports medicine is unique as it offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment plan to help you recover from your injury and empower you to return to your favorite sports or exercise routine. Programs specializing in sports medicine provide you with a recovery plan that fits within the context of your preferred activities or daily routine.

Sports medicine can include a wide range of treatment options for addressing an injury depending on the individual cases for those dealing with sports injuries or pain. The most common treatment options include:

Non-surgical options – Non-surgical treatments are minimally invasive and include physical or occupational therapy, strategic exercise regimens, and injection therapies.

Surgical options – Surgical options are often the last resort for sports injuries, but procedures like arthroscopy or tendon repair may be necessary if other interventions are not working.

To determine the best treatment plan for sports injuries, patients are encouraged to seek expert care. At SCRS, we offer pain management strategies as well as advanced sports medicine surgery for arthroscopy, cartilage restoration, ligament reconstruction, and tendon repair. We’ll develop a personalized plan based on your needs to get you back to activity as soon as possible.

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If you’ve experienced a sports or exercise-related injury that’s affecting your performance, you should seek care right away. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or simply someone who enjoys exercise, our team at SCRS features sports medicine orthopedic surgeons and specialists to support anyone experiencing a sports-related injury.

At SCRS, we take all the potential steps to promote your recovery through pain management strategies before recommending surgery. If you are a candidate for joint replacement or sports medicine surgery, rest assured that we have the experience to provide you with the best possible outcome. Dr. Shane Martin is nationally recognized for his expertise in robotic-assisted joint replacement and is board-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.  

Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest surgical methods, our caring and compassionate team will provide you with the well-rounded support you need to return to your favorite activity. Contact us today at (480) 485-1409 to schedule a consultation.

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